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U2 Atomic: Daniel Lanois




Simply Saucer
Cyborgs Revisted -- 1973/1989 -- Mole Recordings
Ray Materek
Best Friend Overnight -- 1975 -- Asylum
Plays pedal steel on 5 tracks and mandolin on another.
Sylvia Tyson need more info
Singable Songs for the Very Young -- 1976 -- Troubadour
Plays mandolin plus recorded, mixed, and engineered.
More Singable Songs for the Very Young -- 1977 -- Troubadour
Plays steel guitar plus recorded, mixed, and engineered.
Willie P. Bennett
Hobo's Taunt -- 1977
The Anthony B Quarrington Limitation
Top Ten Written All Over It-- 1978 -- Posterity Records - PTR 13007
Plays keyboards, guitar, backup vocals, pedal steel plus engineer
Morgan -- 1979 -- Phonodisc
Plays lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and harp plus engineer. Dan played with the group on and off throughout the 70's. Read the interesting history on the Morgan web site.
Corner Grocery Store -- 1979 -- Troubadour
Plays banjo plus recorded, mixed and engineered
Ray Materick
Paul Quarrington & Martin Worthy
Quarrington Worthy -- 1979 -- Posterity Records - PTR-113012
Plays pedal steel & guitar. He and his brother Bob engineered the album. [NOTE: RealAudio available]
Ben Mink
Foreign Exchange -- 1980 -- PVC/Passport Records PVC-7919
The Start
Hey You -- 1980
Baby Baluga -- 1980
Mixed and engineered
Downchild Blues Band
We Deliver -- 1980 -- Attic Records
Engineer and Backing vocals
Martha & the Muffins
This is the Ice Age -- 1981
Plays percussion and vocals plus engineer
Jon Hassell
Fourth World, Vol. 2: Dream Theory -- 1981
Dave Rave
Three Octave Fantastic Hexagram
Sings background vocals on a song called "You're Back In Town"
Brian Eno
On Land -- 1982 -- EG
Martha & the Muffins
Danseparc -- 1982
Plays percussion and vocals plus producer and engineer
Parachute Club
Parachute Club -- 1983
Producer and engineer
Jon Hassell
Aka Darbari Java (Magic Realism) -- 1983 -- EG
Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois/Roger Eno
Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks -- 1983 -- EG Records
The Unforgettable Fire -- 1984 -- Island
The Surrogate
Movie Soundtrack -- 1984
Movie Soundtrack -- 1984 -- Geffen
Martha & the Muffins
Mystery Walk -- 1984
Plays guitar & pedal steel guitar plus producer
Harold Budd
The Pearl -- 1985 -- EG.
Brian Eno
Thursday Afternoon -- 1985
Engineer, mixer, and producer
Brian Eno
Music for Films III -- 1984 -- Warner Bros.
Michael Brook/Brian Eno
Hybrid -- 1985 -- EG Records
Plays bass, percussion & treatments
Roger Eno
Voices -- 1985 -- EG
Brian Eno
Ambient 4: On Land
Jon Hassell
Power Spot -- 1986 -- ECM Records
Peter Gabriel
So -- 1986 -- Geffen
Producer. Plays guitar, surf guitar and 12 string guitar. DL is on 4 of 9 tracks.
Robbie Robertson
Robbie Robertson -- 1987 -- Geffen
Producer. Plays percussion, background vocals, omnichord, guitar and bass. DL is on 6 of 9 tracks.

Angels in the Architecture

The Joshua Tree -- 1987 -- Island
Opal: Assembly 1
Married to the Mob
Movie Soundtrack
-- 1988
Plays guitar on 1 track
9 1/2 Weeks
Movie Soundtrack -- 1988
Producer and engineer
Brian Eno
Music for Films 3 -- 1988
Composer and co-producer
Martha & the Muffins
Far Away in Time -- 1988
Jon Hassell and Farafina
Flash of the Spirit -- 1988 -- Capitol/Intuition
Acadie Cover Artwork
Daniel Lanois
1989 -- Opal/Warner Bros., 25969-2
Complete lyrics

Debut Solo Album

  1. Still Water
  2. The Maker
  3. O Marie
  4. Jolie Louise
  5. Fisherman's Daughter
  6. White Mustang II
  7. Under A Stormy Sky
  8. Where the Hawkwind Kills
  9. Silium's Hill
  10. Ice
  11. St. Ann's Gold
  12. Amazing Grace

Daniel Lanois
Still Water
CD Single
1989 -- Opal/Warner Bros., PRO-CD-3942

  1. Still Water
  2. Still Water
  3. Still Water

The Maker Single Cover Artwork
Daniel Lanois

The Maker
CD Single
1989 -- WEA International Inc., W9844CD, 7599-21536-2

  1. The Maker
  2. Still Water
  3. Little Sadie
  4. Fais Do Do

Daniel Lanois
The Maker
CD Single
1989 -- Opal/Warner Bros., 921 423-2

  1. The Maker
  2. Fais Do Do
  3. Fisherman's Daughter
Mighty Quinn
Movie Soundtrack -- 1989
For All Mankind
Movie Soundtrack -- 1989
Neville Brothers
Yellow Moon -- 1989 -- A&M Records
Producer. Plays guitar & keyboards plus vocals.
Bob Dylan
Oh Mercy -- 1989 -- CBS Records
Producer. Plays guitar (dobro), lap steel, guitar and omnichord. DL is on 9 of 10 tracks.
Syd Straw
Suprise -- 1989 -- Virgin
Produced and plays guitar on 1 track.
Say Anything
Say Anything -- 1989
Neville Brothers
Brothers Keeper -- 1990
Plays guitar on 1 track.
Hothouse Flowers
Home -- 1990 -- London Records
Youssou N'Dour
Set -- 1990
Producer. Plays drums.
Until the End of the World
Movie Soundtrack -- 1991 -- Warner
"Sleeping in the Devil's Bed"
Chris Whitley
Living with the Law -- 1991 -- Columbia/Sony
Plays guitar
Bob Dylan
Bootleg Series, Vols: 1-3 Rare and Unreleased -- 1991 -- Columbia
Producer on select tracks
Achtung Baby -- 1991 -- Island
Producer. Plays percussion and guitar. DL is on 5 of 12 tracks.
Trademark of Quality
Compilation -- 1992 -- Reprise/Warner -- PRO-CD-5798
"Collection Of Marie Claire" (6:23)
Northern Exposure: Music from the Television Series
Compilation -- 1992 -- UNI/MCA
"Jolie Louise" (2:39)
Daniel Lanois
Lotta Love To Give / Interview

1992 -- Warner Brothers, PRO-CD-6127
  1. Lotta Love to Give [album version]
  2. Interview
Peter Gabriel
Us -- 1992 -- Geffen
Producer. Plays the shaker, guitar (telecaster & dobro), vocals, hi-hat and horn arrangement. DL is on 5 of 10 tracks.
Michael Brook
Cobalt Blue -- 1992 -- 4AD
Plays the snare de ruz, bass and oral percussion. DL is on 3 of 12 tracks.
Plus From Us
Compilation -- 1993 -- Geffen
Producer on one track. ("El Conquistador")
Movie soundtrack
Wynona Art Work
Daniel Lanois
For the Beauty of Wynona

1993 -- Warner Bros., 45030-2
Complete lyrics
Sophomore Release
  1. The Messenger
  2. Brother L.A.
  3. Still Learning How to Crawl
  4. Beatrice
  5. Waiting
  6. The Collection of Marie Claire
  7. Death of a Train
  8. The Unbreakable Chain
  9. Lotta Love to Give
  10. Indian Red
  11. Sleeping in the Devil's Bed
  12. For the Beauty of Wynona
  13. Rocky World
Unbreakable Chain  Cover Artwork
Daniel Lanois
Mon Beau Petit Chou/ The Unbreakable Chain
CD Single
1993 - Warner Brothers, PRO-2029
Released in France only
  1. Mon Beau Petit Chou (3:52)
  2. The Unbreakable Chain (4:19)
Rocky World Cover Artwork
Daniel Lanois
Rocky World (video)
1993 -- Warner Reprise Video -- 52 minutes
  1. Elle Est Bonne Et Belle
  2. O Marie
  3. Le Petit Cordonier (performed by Roland and Real Charette)
  4. Indian Red (performed by Daryl Johnson, Daniel Lanois and Bill Dillon)
  5. With God on Our Side (performed by Aaron Neville and Daniel Lanois)
  6. Series of Dreams (performed by Bob Dylan)
  7. The Collection of Marie Claire
  8. Fisherman's Daughter Instrumental
  9. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (performed by U2 and Daniel Lanois)
  10. The Messenger
  11. Come Talk To Me (performed by Peter Gabriel with Daniel Lanois)
  12. Need Somebody
  13. Brother L.A.
  14. For the Beauty of Wynona/Waiting
  15. Rocky World
Daniel Lanois
Cool Water

This is a bootleg. According to the CD, it was "Recorded Live in Toronto, Canada, April 1993" though I don't have a date for any show in Toronto at that time. It may be from a Much Music studio show that was recorded.

The linear notes are in what appears to be German (Wer auch das Kleingedruckte auf Cover-Ruckseiten liest,...) and may explain further about the CD.

  1. The Messenger
  2. For the Beauty of Wynona
  3. Still Water
  4. The Maker
  5. Unbreakable Chain
  6. O Marie
  7. Rocky World
  8. Brother L.A.
  9. Irish Melody (Sonho Dourado)
  10. The Messenger (studio)
  11. The Maker (studio)
  12. Rocky World (studio)

Daniel Lanois

This is a promo only compilation of soundtrack pieces, put out (I think) by DL's management. It isn't a bootleg, a few of the tracks ended up on the Sling Blade s/t
  1. Needles
  2. El Conquistador
  3. Rota
  4. Da Luna Funk
  5. Diego Painting
  6. Mighty CLoud
  7. Bells Of New Orleans
  8. Beatrice
  9. Two Worlds
  10. White Mustang II
  11. Symphonic Chords
  12. Romantic Tremolo
  13. Blue Waltz
  14. Sonho Dourado

Daniel Lanois
The Messenger
CD Single
1993 -- Warner Bros., PRO-CD-6316

  1. The Messenger (Album Edit)
  2. The Messenger (Album Version)
  3. Rain Weather
  4. Elle Est Bonne Et Belle
  5. Another Silver Morning

Daniel Lanois
Lotta Love to Give
CD Single
1993 -- Opal/Warner Bros., 9362-40961-2

  1. Lotta Love to Give
  2. The Messenger
  3. Rain Weather
  4. Elle Est Bonne Et Belle

Daniel Lanois
For The Beauty of Wynona - Advance Promo CD - WB 6130

"Brother LA" has a different bridge, the lyrics are the same but the music and vocals are different
Daniel Lanois
Promo CD
  1. The Messenger
  2. 8 minute interview
Daniel Lanois
Promo CD
  1. Lotta Love to Give
  2. 8 minute interview

Daniel Lanois
Still Water - Promo CD WB-3294

  1. Radio Version (slightly diff mix)
  2. Live Version
  3. LP Version
Jam Nation
Compilation -- 1993 -- RealWorld
Last of the Mohicans
Movie Soundtrack -- 1993 -- Morgan Creek
Composer on select tracks
Movie Soundtrack -- 1994
Bob Dylan
Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 -- 1994 -- Columbia
Producer on select tracks

Brian Eno
Box 1 -- 1994

Blown Away
Movie Soundtrack -- 1994
Kumbaya Concerts Compilation -- 1994 [this is an annual Toronto, Canada event]
Plays guitar on "Praying for the Rain"
Manu Katche
It's About Time
Plays guitar on 2 tracks.
Ron Sexsmith
Ron Sexsmith -- 1994 -- Interscope
Producer and played guitar on selected tracks
Original Soundtracks 1 -- 1995
Producer on select tracks
Emmylou Harris
Wrecking Ball -- 1995 -- Elecktra
Producer. Plays mandolin, electric guitar, bass, vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar, bass pedals and the dulcimer. DL wrote 3 of the tracks and plays on all the tracks.
Emmylou Harris
Building the Wrecking Ball -- 1995 -- Elecktra

Sling Blade Cover Artwork
Daniel Lanois
Music from the Miramax Motion Picture Sling Blade
1996 -- Island, 314-524 388-2

  1. Asylum
  2. Jimmy Was
  3. Bettina
  4. Soul Dressing (performed by Booker T. & The M.G.'S)
  5. Lonely One (performed by Tim Gibbons)
  6. Blue Waltz
  7. Secret Place
  8. Darlin' (performed by Bambi Lee Savage, produced by D.L.)
  9. Shenandoah (with Emmylou Harris)
  10. Orange Kay
  11. Smothered In Hugs (performed by Local H)
  12. Phone Call (performed by Russell Wilson & Mark Howard, produced by D.L. & M. Howard)
  13. Omni
  14. The Maker
Ocean of Sound
Ocean of Sound -- 1996
Movie Soundtrack -- 1996
Coyote Shivers
Coyote Shivers -- 1996
Mixed and produced
Lost in Mississippi
1996 -- Field Hand Productions
Composer on select tracks
Sweet Angel Mine
Movie Soundtrack -- 1996 -- Imagex Ltd.
Composer on select tracks
Luscious Jackson
Naked Eye EP -- 1996 -- Grand Royal/Capitol
Luscious Jackson
Fever In, Fever Out -- 1996 -- Grand Royal/Capitol
Producer. Plays slide guitar, mando guitar, and bass on a total of 3 songs.
Geoggrey Oryema
Night to Night -- 1997 -- Real World
Producer. Plays guitar
Best Girl Power Album Ever
Compilation -- 1997
Producer on select tracks
Sounds of Jimmie Rodgers -- Tribute
Compilation -- 1997
Producer on select tracks
Chris Whitley
Terra Incognita -- 1997
Remix 1 track and plays guitar
Bob Dylan
Time Out Of Mind
-- 1997 (9/30) -- Columbia
Producer. Plays guitar, mando-guitar, firebird, Martin 0018, Gretch gold top, rhythm & lead on all 11 songs.
The Saint
Movie Soundtrack-- 1997
Good Will Hunting
Movie Soundtrack -- 1997
Amazing Grace
Compilation -- 1997 -- Island
"Amazing Grace"
Gordon Lightfoot
Painter Passing Through -- 1998
Plays guitar
12 Bar Blues  Cover Artwork
Scott Weiland

12 Bar Blues
-- 1998 -- Capitol
Produced and mixed. Plays synthesizer
Ophelia  Cover Artwork
Natalie Merchant

Ophelia --
1998 -- Elektra
Plays guitar on 1 song.
Brian Blade Fellowship  Cover Artwork
Brian Blade Fellowship

Brian Blade Fellowship -- 1998 (May) -- Blue Note
Producer. Plays mando guitar and white mustang on a total of 2 songs. He also produced this release.
N'Dea Davenport  Cover Artwork
N'Dea Davenport

N'Dea Davenport -- 1998 -- BMG
Co-wrote "Real Life" and plays electric guitar.
Teatro  Cover Artwork
Willie Nelson
Teatro -- 1998 (Oct) -- Island


  1. Never Cared For You (guitar)
  2. Everwhere I Go (guitar)
  3. Darkness On The Face of The Earth (bass)
  4. My Own Peculiar Way (guitar)
  5. These Lonely Nights (bass)
  6. Home Motel [no Dan]
  7. The Maker (guitar)
  8. I Just Can't Let You Say Good-bye (guitar & mandolin)
  9. I've Just Destroyed the World (omnichord & guitar)
  10. Somebody Pick Up My Pieces (guitar)
  11. Three Days (guitar)
  12. I've Loved You All Over the World (guitar)
  13. Annie (guitar)
Fuse  Cover Artwork
Joe Henry
Fuse -- 1999 --
Mammoth Records

Track 6. Want Too Much (Mixed and plays bass & clave)

Teatro Video  Cover Artwork
Willie Nelson
Teatro Home Video -- 1999
Plays and sings throughout this video.
Wouldn't it be Beautiful  Cover Artwork
Wouldn't it be Beautiful
Compilation -- 1999 -- Messenger Records
Track 15. Sonho Dourado.

Million Dollar Hotel  Cover Artwork
The Million Dollar Hotel
Movie soundtrack -- 2000 -- Universal

Other musicians found on this CD include Bono, Jon Hassell, Brian Eno, Greg Cohen, Brian Blade, Adam Dorn, Bill Frisell, Brad Mehldau, Chris Spedding, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen, Milla Jovovich, Danny Saber, Tito Larriva, Gregg Arreguin, Jamie Muhoberac, Peter Freeman in various configurations!

Produced select tracks.

  1. The Ground Beneath Her Feet (pedal steel & producer)
  2. Never Let Me Go (guitars, vocals, writer & producer)
  3. Stateless (producer)
  4. Satellite of Love (guitars, vocals)
  5. Falling At Your Feet (guitars, vocals, writer & producer)
  6. Tom Tom's Dream (guitars, vocals)
  7. The First Time (no Dan)
  8. Bathtub (guitars, vocals)
  9. The First Time reprise (guitars, vocals & producer)
  10. Tom Tom's Room (co-writer)
  11. Funny Face (guitars, vocals)
  12. Dancin' Shoes (guitars, vocals, music & producer)
  13. Amsterdam Blue (no Dan)
  14. Satellite of Love reprise (guitars, vocals)
  15. Satellite of Love remix
  16. Anarchy in the USA (guitars, vocals)
Vagabond Ways  Cover Artwork
Marianne Faithful
Vagabond Ways -- 2000 -- Instinct Records

Track 6. Marathon Kiss (writer, guitars, producer)
Track 8. Great Expectations (co-writer, guitars, organs, bass, percussion)
Track 10. After the Ceasefire (co-writer, loop)

This 10-track CD was produced by Mark Howard. The regular cast of Lanois folks are on it: Darryl Johnson, Brian Blade, Emmylou Harris, plus Roger Waters (of all people!)

Ovo  Cover Artwork
Peter Gabriel
Ovo: The Millennium Show -- 2000 (June) -- Real World
"Recorded" parts of two tracks (9 & 12).
All That You Can't Leave Behind  Cover Artwork
All That You Can't Leave Behind -- 2000 (October) -- Universal


1. Beautiful Day (backing vocals)
2. Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of (guitar)
5. Kite (backing vocals)
6. In A Little While (guitar)
7. Wild Honey (guitar)
9. When I Look At the World (guitar)
10. New York (guitar)
11. Grace (guitar)

Groundwork: Act to Reduce Hunger
Compilation -- 2001 -- Starbucks
Track 10. Pour Ton Sourir.
Oh What a Feeling  Cover Artwork
Oh What a Feeling
Compilation -- 2001 - Universal
Track 72. Still Water.
Part of a 4-CD box set of Canadian musicians
All the Pretty Horses  Cover Artwork
All the Pretty Horse
Movie Soundtrack -- 2001 -- Sony
Track 15. Waltz for Hope (composer)
All the Pretty Horses  Cover Artwork
Peter Gabriel
Up -- 2001 (September) -- Real World
Track 3. Sky Blue (percussion, guitars) samples taken from an original track by DL and engineered by David Bottrill

Solomon Burke
Don't Give Up on Me -- 2002 (July) -- Fat Possum
Track 8. Stepchild (guitar). This is a previously unreleased Bob Dylan track. Solomon Burke is a soul singer and this release includes songs written by Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Tom Waits, Joe Henry, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, and more.
Laurel Canyon
Released March 14, 2003
DL plays himself in this movie

Daniel Lanois
Shine -- 2003 (April 22, 2003) --
Complete lyrics

  1. I Love You
  2. Falling At Your Feet
  3. As Tears Roll By
  4. Sometimes
  5. Shine
  6. Transmitter
  7. San Juan
  8. Matador
  9. Space Kay
  10. Slow Giving
  11. Fire
  12. Power of One
  13. JJ Leaves L.A.
  14. Red (bonus track in Canada)

Daniel Lanois
Falling At Your Feet
CD Single

2003 (May 19, 2003) -- Epitaph
1. Falling At Your Feet (Ft Bono)
2. As Tears Roll By

Emmylou Harris
Stumble Into Grace -- 2003 (September 23, 2003) --

Track 5. Can You Hear Me Now (pedal steel, backing vocals)
Track 7. Jupiter Rising (backing vocals)
Track 10. Lost Unto This World (electric orchestra, backing vocals)

This 11-track CD was produced by Malcolm Burn and includes a regular cast of Lanois folks including Darryl Johnson, Brady Blade, and Tony Hall.

Billy Bob Thornton
Edge of the World-- 2003 (September 23, 2003) -- Sanctuary Records
DL is credited with playing Omni Chord, Sitar, Bass, Percussion, Electric Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar

Harold Budd
La Bella Vista -- 2003 (October 7, 2003) --
Shout Factory


Daniel Lanois
Rockets -- 2004 (August 24, 2004)
-- web only release

  1. Power of One
  2. Sweet Soul Honey
  3. JJ Leaves LA
  4. Sometimes
  5. Rockets
  6. Devil's Bed
  7. The Maker
  8. Panorama
  9. Stormy Sky
  10. Space Kay


You & The Now-- 2004 (October 4, 2004) -- Aquarius Music

Track 8. Pour Ton Sourire ("For Your Smile"). DL is credited with guitar and singing. lyrics and video (featuring Dan) available.

This release was produced by Michael Brook and features an array of other songwriters.

Friday Night Lights
Friday Night Lights
Movie Soundtrack -- 2004 (October 12, 2004)
-- Hip-O Records
Track 6. Sonho Dourado

How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb -- 2004 (November 23, 2004)
-- Interscope Records

4. Love And Peace Or Else (4:48) Lyrics by Bono with The Edge, Original Production by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, Additional production by Chris Thomas, Jacknife Lee and Flood, Mixed by Flood, Synthesizers by Brian Eno, Piano and backing vocals by The Edge, Shaker by Daniel Lanois

9. One Step Closer (3:48) Lyrics by Bono, Original production by Chris Thomas and Daniel Lanois, Additional production by Jacknife Lee, Additional guitar by Bono, Backing Vocals by The Edge, Additional guitar and Pedal steel by Daniel Lanois, Synthesisers by Jacknife Lee

11. Yahweh (4:22) Lyrics by Bono with The Edge, Produced by Chris Thomas, Piano, synthesisers and backing vocals by The Edge, Mandolin by Daniel Lanois, Additional guitar by Bono

Acadie Reissue
Daniel Lanois
Acadie -- 2005

Reissue of original with new cover art; available at
Daniel Lanois
Belladonna -- 2005 --
Release Date Canada: June 7, 2005
Release Date US: July 12, 2005
01. Two Worlds
02. Sketches
03. Oaxaca
04. Agave
05. Telco
06. Desert Rose
07. Carla
08. The Deadly Nightshade
09. Dusty
10. Frozen
11. Panorama
12. Flametop Green
13. Todos Santos

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